Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Madness

Ok, I was going to post some handy dandy picture today..but decided to hold off on least for now....maybe later. :-)

This morning I did the baking that I needed to do. Todd has a meeting that he is going to tomorrow night and volunteered to bring desserts. Uhhh yeah....that means MF bakes. No, I can't even imagine buying something.....not when I love to bake. So I did end up eating a bit of stuff this morning. But all in all, I didn't nibble or taste test too many things! I packaged up everything for Todd and brought the leftovers to work today. :-)

I also got on the exercise bike! WOO HOOO! Rode an hour! Todd mentioned that he'd like to go for a walk tonight. I sure hope so. One because I love the crisp coolness and colors of fall. Secondly because that would give me an hour or so of extra activity. And thirdly, because I haven't taken a picture yet today for my 365 project!

Slowly but surely, I'll get back on track!!!!


JC said...

I knew it wouldn't take you long to get back on track. Tell Todd to volunteer for napkins,plates, forks, something that doesn't smell so good. HA!!

Deborah said...

Hope you get your extra exercise in this evening.

You are sooooo brave baking all the time. I just couldn't do that without gorging myself on it. I'm a terrible spoon licker when I'm making anything. I don't do it to taste test it, I just want the spoon clean when I drop it in the sink. You know like not wasting even a bite of something yummy.

Anonymous said...

Soooo did you get out and walk with your husband??? :-)

Love the fall, the colors, the crisp air and the smell of winter on it's way in.

Good job on getting an hour on the bike! That's great.

Donna B said...

You go girl!
An hour on the bike is fantastic. I still have an old stationary bike and my butt hurts to much after about 30 minutes, so I try to do the 30 minutes twice a day if I can. Do you have a recumbent bike?
Keep up the good work!