Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hard work ahead

Hard work ahead, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.

Well, I didn't get any formal exercise in today. But I worked my tail end off from about 9AM until just a few minutes ago (10:30). I made applesauce today. It's been hanging over my head, so when Todd told me this morning that he was going to work on the insulation (we are adding/updating some insulation at our place) I knew that I had a full day to do it. Hard work. But 3 bushels done! :-)

I stayed right within points. At one point, I really struggled. I was so tempted to get a granola bar. (we jokingly call them crack, because once you have a bite, you want more!) But I didn't. I didn't need it. I actually would have ended teh day with a ton of leftover points. But I just had a sandwich...even though it's late. I ate minimally today. I was too busy with my apples. :-)


Donna B said...

Too funny!
That is EXACTLY what I did today, make applesauce. But I only did one bushel so far. Do you do all this canning for yourself?

Deborah said...

What an exhausting day. 3 bushels, whew! Bet your fingers are sore from all that peeling and coring.

Canning is one of those things from my childhood that I hated being made to help with so in my adult life I have refused to do it. Evidently I don't miss the wonderful taste of home canned stuff enough to go back on my word.

Anonymous said...

Those apples are gorgeous. I bet you certainly earned AP's yesterday. That cannot be easy work.

I hear you on the "crack". There is something sinful about those granola bars. HMPH!

Stick to it today too, you'll be happy you did.

JC said...

WOW, I got behind on visiting so I had a lot of catching up to do. Major soul searching on your part but I'm glad you did it. BTW, you are beautiful!!! I didn't realize how much you have already lost. Amazing. That sure is a lot of apples!!! I would have been exhausted before I started. GO YOU!!!

Michelle said...

Good job on resisting that granola bar! You're doing great!!