Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'll take it

I had such good plans yesterday and then I went out for dinner with mom and dad. I didn't order too badly. I ordered pretty much my normal. I got a salad, a baked sweet potato and then I got a side of baked beans. My problem...the rolls....with the cinnamon butter. YUMMY! I indulged...oh yeah, I indulged in some peanuts also!

So this morning I was contemplating not weighing myself...because I assumed that my weight would be up (even if just from the salted peanuts...not to mention the bread and butter) But, I had just the other day written about how I do better if I weigh myself every day, so I did it. I stepped onto the scales (remember yesterday was 185.8) Today was 184.0! I don't know...but I'm not asking questions! I know that I will have to really watch today because I know from past experiences that I can fight through ONE day of poor choices, but not two or three!

Nope...didn't exercise this morning......just couldn't get to it. I did however get most of the laundry completed! (one more load to fold when I get home). I also put together the casserole for dinner tonight...it's in the fridge and there is a note for Todd to tell him what time it goes into the oven this afternoon. So at least it wasn't an unproductive morning...even if it wasn't what I really should have been doing!


WWSuzi said...

Don't try to figure the scale out just go with the flow :)

Donna B said...

I am still so torn about weighing in every day. This past week I have been almost every day, and it has no impact on how I eat the rest of the day. I am upping my exercise to almost double, but it is inside stationary bike. Too cold for me to walk! Jsut being a baby, since I see tons of people out there. Maybe tomorrow....
Keep up the good work!

Deborah said...

Hey, I'd take that too. WooHoo!!

I'm really glad you stepped on the scales even though you didn't want to since you already said you do better when you weigh every day. So keep it up.

Brightcetera said...

Boy, that scale...who can figure?
Do you measure yourself at all? It's probably a better indicator of your progress.

--cara said...

Today was my first "scale-free" morning. I've weighed myself every morning for the past 18 months. I need a break! Mentally most.

I know this might be a sore subject, but you were one of the originals "18 Pounds in 18 Weeks" challenge members and the challenge is coming to a close this week. I want to post the results of everyone's total weight loss this weekend and was wondering if you could figure out how much you've lost since July 12th (when the challenge first started). I realize you've been probably forgotten all about the challenge, but I think it would be cool to post everyone's progress anyways. So let me know how much you've lost, if you don't mind.