Friday, October 24, 2008


wheel, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.
No real reason for the picture, other than that fact that I took it yesterday and I really like it, and I'm grasping at straws to feel more 'up" today.

I'm struggling with that inner voice that says to throw in the towel, eat what you want, and be matter what you weigh!

Even as that little inner voice says that and I subsequently think, "wow, that would be nice" I then mentally scream..."NO NO NO! I will not give up and thereby fail!" Of course am I failing now anyway?

Not a good day....lots of thoughts bickering with one another in my head!


JC said...

Mary Fran, I'm so behind on my blog reading. I gasped out loud causing on of my staff to inquire what happened when I read about the kitten. Then the pen in the clothes, would have had me running for fast food (gravy & biscuits to be exact).

Stay strong my friend, figure out what is eating you and deal with it. Not meaning to sound all tough love on you but giving up is simply not an option. Not for you. Not this time. Not ever. Treat obesity as you would diabetes. Consider it a condition you must treat. You wouldn't go back to eating badly and risk losing a limb or your site to diabetes. No you would do whatever you had to do to treat it. Look at obesity the same way. I read a post today that said that at D's Health & Weight Loss. She just finished the 100 Days Challenge and shared Day 91 in her latest post.

Deborah said...

No, No, No, that's me screaming for you not to quit. You've done so well. So, you're in a funk. That happens. Just don't throw in the towel and quit. You will be sorry later if you do and then the funk will be there but for a different reason. We need you to keep on keeping on. We need it for YOU.