Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday of Hometown Tourism

Todd at Jefferson Rock, Harpers Ferry, WV
Me looking disheveled and content while we waited for our lunch at The Secret Six Tavern.
The catholic church high up on the hill was very pretty....I snapped a ton of pictures in and around the church!

Potomac Street in lower Harpers Ferry, WV

Shenandoah Street in lower Harpers Ferry, WV

John Brown's Fort....the Armory Firehouse.
Living in an area that is so rich in history, we sometimes take it for granted and just see it as scenery. And Todd and I realized that some of these places that are in our backyard (quite literally in some cases) have never been officially explored. Yeah, we ride our bikes on the grounds but to actually tour these places, we've never done. SOOO today we went to Harper's Ferry and did the whole tourist thing. :-) We have been there umpteen times...but usually to go to a restaurant or some other business place. But today we actually did the tourist thing. It's so crazy being a tourist when it's pretty much in your back yard. It was fun though. Got a TON of walking in! And of course the walking was up and down hills and steps! So hopefully that counts for something as I didn't exercise today (or yesterday). And I just haven't had the energy to exercise since coming home.
After getting home and downloading my pictures I realized that I had not really gotten and general pictures of Harper's Ferry for my blog. Therefore, the black and whites I pulled from a file from a hike Todd and I took about a month ago when we crossed the bridge for a short time while walking on the canal.
I was proud of myself. We went to the Secret Six Tavern for lunch. The burgers looked TO DIE FOR. But I got a salad. A healthy salad too boot (so many times if you order a salad at a restaurant it is loaded with this and that that adds calories and it in the end makes the salad as many calories as what you would 'rather' be eating.) I was very satisfied with the salad. :-) Why did I watch at lunch you ask. I had corn on the cob at home that I knew we were having for dinner...and ham steak with grilled pineapple. YUMMY. And I"m within my points allotment for food for the day! Very proud of myself.

My's slowly going down after my fourth of July weekend extravaganza of eating and splurging. I've been careful eating sensibly and conscious of my decisions. Not living like a monk in terms of my eating...but just being wise. And it's working......SLOWLY I just want to get back to my low weight.....arrggghhh One little slip up and I've got to re-lose 6 pounds! (three left)

Not much else new to report here. The mower saga continues. I just want it to be over...give me my money back....which they 'approved' last Wednesday....but then on Friday afternoon they called to say that they had put that on hold again. WHAT? Lets just drag our feet a little more....heck, maybe we can make it three months to get this resolved. Three months of prime mowing time let me add! Can you see my eyes roll?


Michelle said...

Nice pictures! I really like that picture of you, nice and relaxed. I love going into SF and being a tourist. Something I don't do often enough.

Great job on the salad choice! Those are the kinds of decisions that make the difference.

My favorite line from this post? "Not living like a monk in terms of my eating...but just being wise. And it's working......SLOWLY." That's perfect! This is what we have to get used to in maintenance. Of course, I'm not there yet...but I'm practicing now.

Deborah said...

Awesome photos. Love the one of the windows in the church.

So glad to hear that the pounds put on over the 4th are coming off. Way to go girl!