Friday, July 11, 2008


My weight this morning was down to 181.2. I can't wait to get out of these pesky 180's.....AGAIN. And this time, I'm determined to stay out of them forever! My weight is dropping pretty quickly. For which I'm pretty happy. I guess I was having some water retention issues.

This morning the alarm went off super early, in order for me to get up and ride. I hit snooze TWICE. That is so abnormal for me. Usually when the alarm wakes up, I'm awake. I may still be tired. I may still want to sleep longer. But it wakes me up. I've learned through past experience that under normal conditions that if I hit snooze I simply lay there awake, waiting for the alarm to go off. NOT today. I hit snooze and was back asleep almost instanaeously. I was soooo tempted to throw my bike ride over the barell and say screw it. BUT, I didn't. I got a little itty bitty short 7.07 ride in. Todd works tonight, so the plan is to either get another ride in or do a video or take a jog...SOMETHING!

So, here I sit at work yawning. I have however been productive since I've been at work. Lets see...I've answered my personal email. I've created my menu for the upcoming week...and the corresponding grocery lists. I'll just go through the kitchen tonight and cross off things I already have and add the other things I will need to buy for everyday items. Then of course, being the anal person that I can be when it comes to my grocery list...I'll rewrite the list, organized by how the grocery store is laid out. And the last task will be flipping through my coupons and seeing what i have a coupon for...and notating my grocery list with the corresponding coupon. Ok, it's not as complicated and convoluted as I just made it seem. After I write in my journal, I'll go and pick up any new entries on some of the other blogs that I read. I've got my reading book ready, sitting here on the edge of my desk. I just started the book entitled "First They Killed my father: a daughter of cambodia remembers" by Loung Ung. Tis a biography about a young girl in cambodia when Pol Pot's regime came into being. Very nasty stuff. Dad has been to Cambodia a few times on missions trips...and so I'm familiar with the history and have seen lots of pictures of places such as the killing fields and the prisons and such. So when i saw the book, I thought it would be an interesting I bought it. I haven't gotten too far into it, so I can't comment on it at this time. :-)

Lets menu for the upcoming week. And yes, I plan a meal for everyday. HOwever I know that there will be at least one or two nights that we'll go out or something will happen to render that meal not eaten on that night....but hey, I'm prepared at least. Of coruse I'm making these dishes as light and healthy as possible. And yes, they all work into my eating plan for the week.
**tacos and refried beans (I'll probably do a taco salad....emphasis on lettuce and onions. Yeah, not my first choice...but I'm satisfied when I do that)...this meal a special request by my husband
**Grilled Ham Steak with grilled pineapple and corn on the cob -another request
**Salsa Baked Chicken, baked butter beans
**Grilled chicken, pesto, pasta (I'll have to be careful and measure out my pasta as it's a bad tendancy for me to take HUGE portions)
**Maple pecan Chicken, sweet potato pudding
**Beef Stew
**Chili Relleno Casserole
**Alfredo, (topped with shrimp most least for my husband...I dont' do seafood) I have the most delightful little recipe for an's only 2 maybe three points for the alfredo sauce.....which is a HUGE difference from the 'regular' stuff.
That takes me about 8 days out, in case I don't get to the store like clockwork next week!

So there you have it.


Donna B said...

Chuckled as I read your post. I as well write down my meals for the week. My grocery list is in an Excell spreadsheet! I highlight the items I need and take it to the store. It is mostly by aisles as well! Saves time and I don't buy a lot of extras. Also note the coupons as well as the bonus buys.

Deborah said...

You are really prepared for the week to come. Wish I could be so prepared like that.

And, hey, 7 miles is 7 more than none :o)

Contrats on the weight loss. You can do it, you can do it! Looks like you are in a similar predicament as me in the 190's. Wish minne was dropping pretty quickly :o(