Monday, July 28, 2008

The brutal and honest truth, (now that I have the figures)

OK, yesterday I alluded to the fact that I had put on a good deal of poundage between my Friday weigh in and my Saturday weigh in. I didn't have the exact figures in front of me and I was too darn lazy to open the book to actually get the figures, so I estimated yesterday in my blog entry. The true figure is that I was somewhere roughly at 181.5 and on Saturday morning my weight had ballooned to 185. On Sunday morning it had only gone down to 184.8. I'm so utterly happy to state that this morning, my weight was back down to 181.4. Still higher than I'd like it to be. And still dangerously close to that fine line of knocking myself out of maintenance, but much better than 185 pounds! Whew! I've eaten really clean thus far today and I have plans to really be careful tonight. And hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be even a bit lower for my official weigh in.

I've decided to go to the morning meeting tomorrow. My friend is going to be going to that one, so hey, why not! Plus, I'll get it out of the way and over with. If my weight cooperates tomorrow, I'll be one week from being a lifetime member. FREE meetings!!! WOO HOOOO! And as I still have a pretty decent amount of weight to lose, I plan on attending meetings weekly still, even though I will only technically have to weigh once a month.

Went to the gym again today. I hopped on the treadmill today (I had done the elliptical yesterday). I had a slight headache (still do) but I worked out anyway. For the first thirty minutes on the treadmill I alternated running/jogging with a speed walk. To make it easy for me when I'm reading this later......I jogged 15 minutes out of 30 minutes. Listening to my body, I KNEW that my jogging was done after that thirty minutes. So, I speed walked for another 30 minutes (oh yeah, and I upped the incline during the last 30 minutes). All in all, I feel good about my cardio today.

Tomorrow is my day off from cardio. I think I'm going to try to get in my strength training tomorrow though instead of putting it off an extra day. Probably at home. Because I can do everything but one...ok, maybe two things at home with the equipment that I have. And I can adjust and use what I do have at home for those two things.

Depending on the weather (and my husband) we are thinking about going west on the canal and riding our bikes up near Cumberland on Wednesday morning. It is nice to be seeing things you don't see as often, so we like to drive to more 'remote' (to us at least) locations and ride our bikes. SOooo that is what we are thinking about. However Todd is starting to hedge on this one. His comment, "well, since you are going to the personal trainer at 6PM on Wednesday, we won't do the ride in the morning." I keep trying to tell him that it doesn't matter, the trainer is setting me up on my arm and upper body exercises and we won't be doing anything cardio. I've told him that regardless if we go or not on a ride in the morning, I'm STILL going to have to do something cardio-wise throughout the day. SOOO I'm hoping that we will go! I would want to ride in the morning as early as possible anyway to beat the heat. So I know that getting back by 6PM would not be an issue. SOOO we'll have to see.

I hung my new/old dress up on my bedroom door. I can see it while I sit at the table when I'm eating if I look down the hallway. That wasn't the plan when I put it there. I just put it there so that it would be visible to me as I go through my daily routine. I want to keep that dress first and foremost in my mind, to keep me focused. BUT, now that I think about it, how wonderful that i can actually see it from my position at the table! That should help keep me from shoving more food into my mouth! Maybe I should print up a picture and post it on the fridge also....hmmm now that's an idea!

Focused and ready to lose!


Donna B said...

Sounds like you have a great exercise plan for the next few days! Iam sure you will do fine at your weigh in tomorrow. Can't wait to read the results. That is great that you are so close to maintenance. Will be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way!

Michelle said...

great job working out despite the headache!! your energy is awesome!! I think we can officially say the blues have passed? You stuck it out and whew! on the weight, huh? Great job!!

Deborah said...

My fingers are crossed for your weigh-in tomorrow morning. Cross yours for me.

You rock in the exercise department. You are so motivated you make be green with envy.

Anonymous said...

Nice work on pushing through the pain! Great job! That is so amazing that you are so close to goal. I wish you much luck! I am sure the scale will be in your favor.

And I hope you get in your bike ride! Sounds like it would be fun! =)

Dominick said...

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