Monday, June 02, 2008

Hello arthritis

Dear Mr. Arthur-itis,

Thank you for visiting me today to remind me what I used to deal with on a regular basis. I have been wondering where you went. I was honestly hoping that you had moved on to your next victim. However, I realize that that is not how you operate and that I will have to suffer through your occasional visits. I am happy to realize how much I was able to negate the devastating effects that you had on my body simply by losing weight and adding physical fitness into my life. I'm sure you remember how I used to sit and rub my knees during the day, or how I would cry in bed at try to move so that the constant ache was eased. Ohhhh the sound of my knees creaking and popping......all but a distant memory, except for these little reminders. I hear people talk about how their doctors told them to exercise in order to ease arthritis they in turn and say, "that's crazy, because moving hurts". Oh my how sad that makes me. You see, the doctors are dead on doesn't eliminate, but it sure help! I can now go months with no issues, where as before pain was a daily occurrence.

Please Mr. Arther-itis, please feel free to leave and not come back! I won't miss you at all.


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Anonymous said...

I am so with you on this. I have Lupus and when I have a flare up, it goes to my joints. They swell and it is comparable to rhematoid arthritis. It has gotten so bad in the past, I couldn't take off my bra or get up from the toilet. That's depressing when you are 30. Luckily, the healthier I try to get, the less flare ups there are but occasionally it will show its ugly face to know that it is still there (maybe it's way of giving me a kick in the

I hope Arthritis listens to you.