Sunday, May 11, 2008


Another recent pic of me. I realized that I have next to no pictures of me. That is not cool! was a BLOCKBUSTER day. I went shopping again. I found the most adorable sundress. I was absolutely adorable. And on sale. I tried on the 12. That's the size that I wear right now. Well....I tried it on and it just didn'tseem to fit quite right...a bit loose. LOOSE???? Well, for a giggle I decided to try on the next lower size. I had no hope of it fitting...but I thought it would be neat to see how close I was to actually wearing a 10. Well, I got it into the fitting room and tried it on. It fit PERFECTLY! A TEN! 10! Neun! Diez! Dix! X!!! Amazing! I was goign to buy it even as a 12. BUT to be able to buy a ten!!!! WOAH Doggie!!!!!! Unbelievable

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