Monday, May 19, 2008


RIght now I am struggling so dang hard! I want to eat! I came home from work and I had my dinner all planned out. I had left over points! I ate my dinner that I had planned...and kept eating. I'm now 3 points in the hole!!! What the heck! I know part of my issues that I have with food currently is the resurgance of the feelings that are causing me to feel down in the dumps. I was so energized adn recharged a few weeks (or was it only a week?) ago when I wrote the 'soul searching' entry. How quickly things crumble.

I'm not sure what the scales will hold for me tomorrow! I am going to weigh myself tomorrow regardless. I'll admit that if it's really bad I may not go to my weight watcher meeting. I know that is bad. REally bad. If it's somewhat close, I'll probably go. Oh heck, I need to face up to it either way. I guess it will depend on my mood tomorrow.

Got up this morning. And before I even left the bed I had decided that I would ride the exercise bike in the morning and then peddle to work. SO I did a more leisurly ride on the exercise bike ....just 6.61 miles. And yes, I did follow through and ride to work. Dang it was cold and windy! Luckily I had planned ahead and wore pants, a teeshirt and a sweatshirt! Changed into work clothes when I arrived at work and then back into my riding clothes at the end of the day. All was good! :-)

Nothing else exciting happening here. Oh wait...yes....our NEW lawn mower is making funky noises!!!!! What the heck....are we cursed? At least we bought the extended warranty...but still....waiting for it to get fixed the grass will grow up around my ears!

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