Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First we'll talk about something that I just found...then we'll get to my weight and how I'm doing.

I'm at work today and I'm just killing time. I decided to go online and take an IQ test. I'm always fascinated to see if the results are close to where they should be (yeah, I've had my IQ officially tested a few times in the past). Well, I got bored taking IQ tests online (yeah, they tested me relatively close to my official iq...one was 10-15 points lower (this one also timed how long it took me for my responses.....and since I'm at work having to stop to attend to customers, that would account for that). The other one put me at about 6-7 points low...so that's not too bad). OK...anyway...I moved on to personality tests, talents tests and all sorts of things like that. I'm apparently very verbal (duh) and very creative and adventurous. Well, I took a temptation test. And I actually answered the food temptation questions really good....because right now I'm hot on the eating scene. This was my results:

Maryfran, when it comes to temptation you're a Hedonist
It has become apparent that the word "no" is not one you use too often. In fact, it seems you just might have replaced it with "sure," "pour it on," and "I'll take it." As a Hedonist, you probably see no reason to put limits on pleasure. When the little angel of your conscience arrives on your shoulder to challenge your indulgent side, it's usually knocked off by that little devil who's never too far away from your decisions.It seems that extravagance to you is a way of life, not an isolated event. And discipline is a punishment that you choose not to employ — it's overrated anyway. All this good stuff is here for a reason, right? Someone's gotta have fun with it and you only live once!

Woah, does that explain why I was able to eat my way up to 300 plus pounds? And that's kinda scary that I apparently have no control over my temptations! woah doggie!

On to my weight. I weighed myself this morning. I was 180.6. So I'm ok. I was hoping to make it to the 170's this week. BUt you know...there is always next week! (Not to mention that the official weigh in hasn't occured yet...not that I expect a miracle..but you never know...sometimes it does weigh me less at my meeting!) I think I'm going to go to the early meeting. I work until 2 today...so I can make an earlier meeting. Todd volunteers at the soup kitchen tonight. SO since we will both be in town, we are thinking about meeting up afterwards and going out to dinner. It means that tomorrow on our day off that we will stay closer to home.....and eat at home...thus saving a extra trip to town! Which isn't a problem. But since we are already both going to be in town tonight, it just makes sense! :-)

I've been doing very good with the weight thing. Other than the other day, I've managed to pull myself together and keep it under control. :-) WOo hooo. Haven't exercised today...but then I wasn't plannign on it...a I do need a day of rest. SOOOOO anyway!

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