Wednesday, April 30, 2008

fessin' up

Weigh in. DO I really have to 'fess up"? I don't wanna!!!! Please don't make me! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Ok, I stand humbled, contrite and ready to admit my ~gulp~ gain. Yes, I gained. I believe I had mentioned that fact yesterday. I knew I was going to gain. I also knew it wasn't going to be too pretty. I was hoping for only a 2 pound gain. WELL... ..... Ok, at least when I do things ...I do them big! I gained 4 pounds this last week! 4 pounds! FOUR STINKIN' POUNDS! This is NOT good. What is happenign to me. I can hold it together for a week or two...bring my number down..and then BAMM...I lose control! This has GOT to stop! First, I'll never make it to my goal if it doesn't. Secondly, I'm tired of being disgusted with myself. Depressed at my 'results'. I just can't take it any longer! SOMETHING has to give. ANd I"m NOT giving up on my goal. I've made it further than I had ever dreamt of making it...I'm not giving up now!

Today I am hoping for sunshine.....or at least no rain. I have plans to work outside. Ok, I WANT to work outside! I want to work on painting the house. I want to finish the one pile of cut chipping the rest of it. Either of those activities could take up a whole complete day. Our lawn also desperately needs mowed. It's been so rainy that the grass just pops up so fast and so high!

I'm also going to kick myself into working out religiously again. I haven't been doing well at all. That needs to change! I may not start today....depends on how much work I get done outside. I know that if I work outside for most of the day..that I'll be dead beat when I come in tonight. AND, it is all manual Ill be moving the whole time...which is activity points...since I don't normally do that stuff. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it really is all contingent on the weather!

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