Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good days...sunshine

Yesterday morning I was out in the yard by 9 (it was probably closer to 8:30). I ran the chipper shredder for a couple hours. Seems like the third one is working ok. Still doesnt' chip as fantastically as the first one that we had...but it's not bad. :-) After I chipped for a while, I went inside and made tacos for us for lunch. I went ahead and did was a quick lunch (and I knew my time at dinner would be even more limited). After eating and cleaning up, I went back outside. I switched to painting. I painted until about 4:30/5PM. Got a good bit done. I went inside and cleaned up, ate a banana and headed out to come to the bank to meet my co-workers. We drove together over to the main branch for this meeting we had to attend. We were there for about an hour and half. After I got back to my car...i swung into the ice cream place to get frozen yogurt (fat free) for Todd and I..and headed home. I was BEAT!

I got a good deal of sun yesterday. Last night at my meeting I was a 'rosy pink' tone. This morning though....simply tan. :-) Not good I know, to let youself even get pink. Believe me...that wasn't in my plan. :-) I was just out working and that's what happened.

The worst thing about back. Eii yii yiii. I've always had some issues with my back. Lower back, being tender when I use it or twist the wrong way...or whatever. It's only gone totally 'out' once. BUT it gets pretty darn close every once in a while. This morning I could barely move. I've worked out most of it...but know that sitting here at work today will aggrevate it. :-) y legs are a bit sore also..b.ut that's just a plain muscles. The legs.....they hurt from climbing up and down the ladder...and standing on tip toe on the ladder trying to reach further...etc etc etc.

Depending on how I feel when i get off tonight, I may paint a bit more this evenign...and then have a late dinner. :-) But, of course I may just take it easy tonight. Ahhhh decisions decisions decisions.

The sucky part. I worked all day yesterday...i should have showed a loss on the scales. Nope...up a pound. I'm not sure.....hoping it may be water. I did drink about a gallon of water yesterday...but I do know that I was so hot...that I was actually thirsty...which is a sign of dehydration...which means I'd be retaining water. BUT, I lost track of time and worked outside later than I had planned....which means that I SNACKED and scrounged for my dinner. SOOOOO either way....I was up. OH will come back off. :-)

That said, today I have eaten responsibly and well. I have my day planned fruits and veggies will be done when i go to bed. All will be good. :-) Water...I'm running behind on my water. But I'm going to work on sucking that up here at work. (speaking of drinks....I just took a break to take a big drink of my water).

Put on a skirt this morning and noticed that it is loose. WOO HOOOO

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