Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wooo hooo, my weight was at 180.2 this morning!!!! I'm sooo close to being in the 170's (at least on my home scales!) Wow, it just hit me.....I can clearly and vividly remember being in the 270's! I just figured it up. I've lost 41% of my body weight in the last few years. 41%!!!! FORTY ONE PERCENT! That just blows my pea pickin' mind! That makes me 5.2 pounds away from my new years goal of 175! It will still be tight, but I'm gonna try my hardest to make it! Probably one of the most difficult stretch for me is coming up this week. Todd and I are off for 4 days. Which means we'll be mosying around and eating out a lot. I can manage eating out....but it's more difficult eating out becuase I have to watch portion sizes and all that! AND doubly more difficult when we eat like every meal out. Even though it's my birthday vacation, I'm going to still try to eat more at home for this stretch. That and water drinking.....when I'm not at work, I tend to 'forget' to drink my water. I have to be diligent about it!!!

I woke up today and I just didn't want to get my tush out of bed! The thought of exercising about made me cry! I laid in bed for about 15 minutes. I had turned the light on...and then snuggled close to Todd. After about the third time of him asking me if I was awake, I finally drug myself out of the bed. Yes, I did exercise! Not that I wanted to! Not that I didn't hate every minute of it! Yes, I felt incredibly sluggish the whole time. No, it didn't make me feel more awake and energized like it usually does. BUT, I did it.....only a 20 minute routine...but I at least did something!

Dinner tonight is Chicken and Dumplins. I'll be working in the kitchen for a while...because that is a 'long prep time' dinner. I have some banana's that are getting a tad bit I'll probably make banana muffins also. WITH I'm not super tempted to eat them...and I'll freeze a good number of them so that they can be utilized better. If I make a whole slew of them...they go bad before todd can eat the whole batch...OR he eats and eats and eats them because he knows that they are going to go he has to gobble them up.....not good either way. But, if I bake them and freeze them in decent size servings..he can pull them out when he needs them and eat a few. Then the next time he's hungry for them he can pull some more out. It works much better that way. ALSO, he doesn't get sick of the same old same old if I do it this way. He can take a break from eating them when he wants. :-)

Todd's freight shipment didn't arrive yesterday like it was supposed to. We will need to find out on Monday when it is coming...that may put a damper on my birthday week plans. Oh least we don't have hotel reservations or something that we would lose the money on because we couldn't go!

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