Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday morning Musings

Last night as I drove to town I was so utterly excited! I was going to see my brothers family! I knew I woudln't be there too long. Afterall, I didn't get off work until 6:15.....then a 45 minute drive to town. I knew that the kids would be going to bed around 8PM.....and I knew that I had to wake up early in the AM to exercise. I enjoyed the time with the kids..and left mom and dad's at around 9:30 pm. That got me home at ten. After checking my mail, I went to the bedroom and read in bed until Todd was done working...I fell asleep shortly thereafter.

Mom...bless her heart, made whole wheat pasta for me to eat last night! AND, she had a small plate out on the table for I couldn't super load my plate with food. AND this morning, thank goodness, I was down to 182.6. That is still not as low as I was...which was 179.4. BUT, it's a heck of a lot better then my weight AFTER my binge...which was 186.8. So it's coming back down!

Meanwhile, after my little week long exercise rebellion, I'm back at the exercise all hot and heavy...and man are my legs ever sore. One week off and my legs are sore???? That doesn't seem right...but who am I to argue with the aches and pains! I did however still get up and workout this morning. I did the first two cardio segments of one of the "Firm" dvd's that I have...and then I went into one of the aussie fit workout dvd's that I got at the dollar store. It was rough pushing through..especially at first...but I perservered. :-) Speaking of my dollar workout dvd's. About a year ago, I bought 4 exercise dvd's a the dollar tree. I put them in and just didn't like them. Well, a few weeks ago, I was scrambling for something new...and I decided to put one in. I actually like it. I think my fitness level has changed...making the difference in my perception of the dvd. I've done two of the four (a couple times each..) and they work me out hard. Although, today I was tired and I was having GREAT difficulty wiht the footwork! My feet were going in the wrong direction....I kept kicking myself.....I actually stepped on my own foot. Oh was a sad sad sight!

So, I get off work at noon today. I am going straight up to be with my family. I know from past experience that fruits and veggies are present...but on the lunch table will also be chips and dip and cookies and cakes. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I packed my own lunch. I'll eat it in the car on the way up the road. It's nothing fancy...a 'light' sandwich (smart beat points, one teaspoon of homemade point, and two slices of low cal/high fiber point), grapes and an apple. So four points...but at least it will include 2 of my five fruits/veggies servings! I'm hoping that we run around a little bit today...I used the last bit of my oatmeal today....whatever will I do without my oatmeal???? I eat it probably 6 days a week...or more!

Mom is having hamburgers for dinner tonight (or so she was planning). So, I'm going to head home at around 6/6:30.....I'll get home and make dinner....Todd gets off work at we will eat then. I'm making sweet and spicy chicken (it's not so's more sweet) and scalloped of our favorite meals. I think I'm also goign to make a big pot of chili....that way I can just heat it up quickly after church tomorrow. If I have enough time between church and Todd having to start work, I'll make some corn bread. I don't know what time Todd gets off work on that will determine what the supper plans are!

I may actually make my new January 1 goal...which is to be back in the 170's. (that was actually my back up goal anyway.) I don't think I'll exactly make my 175 goal...that would be a miracle. I am praying, so it's not out of the picture...but I'm not going to be disapointed if I don't make it! :-)

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