Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well, all my activity from yesterday didn't show up on my scales this morning. I'm not too overly upset because I know that TOM is right around the corner! :-) So, after getting off the scales, I mosied to the exercise bike and rode. I only went for 20 minutes because of time restrictions. I hope to ride some more tonight.

I will say though, that my legs are really sore today. Not sure if it's because I really pushed it on the elliptical yesterday, or if it's becuase the weights got to me (although I only did a small amount of lower body strength training) or if it is because I was canning then for hours...standing. Of if it was my bike riding this morning. Who knows, but I'm feeling some twinges in my legs. It's all good......I guess I can be kinda sadistic to like that little muscle twinge. Reminds me that I'm doing something good for my body!

We are going out with friends for dinner. Cracker Barrell. I'm not sure what I'm going to get...but this time, I'm goign to remember to account for the biscuits before I order. Last week when I went, I accounted for the food I ordered, and then when Todd asked for the biscuits and cornbread, I floundered and ate! :-) Still lost last week, so all is good. :-) Hmmm...what should I have! I'm currently sitting here at work eating my afternoon snack of grapes.

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