Thursday, May 03, 2007


The scales are moving downward again! Woo hooo! I erally worked to makes ure that I got in more than 10K steps yesterday! Tonight Todd and I are going to go for a bike ride when I get off work. Then when we come home I'm gonna have ham steaks on the grill. Todd wanted pasta salad. I'm going to forgo that (that's the plan) and have veggies! :-) Woo hooo. I've already entered the ham steak, my lunch items that are in my lunch box and my breakfast. And I will have like 10 points for my veggies and such! So I'll be able to have a dessert something (probably a weight watchers sundae cup)!!!! That's exciting to me!

Tomorrow night Todd and I are planning on having dinner as soon as I get home and then going over to work on the mess some more. Joy joy.

If I can just keep the weight going down, I'll be happy!!!

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