Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A loss!

Yes, I had a loss tonight. I was a bit worried because my scales show me the same as I was last week! BUT, I lost according to the official weight watchers scale. I loss 1.4 pounds. That puts me at a weight of 195.6 pounds. I'm tickled! I'm Like three pounds from getting my 50 pound star for my weight loss at weight watchers. I've lost a total of about 107 pounds though! Woo hoooo!

I'm gonna do this the whole way. I'm looking at it this way. Each week is a battle. I find out if I won or not at my meeting. Yes, I like to win the battles, because the more battles I win...the closer to winning the war I am. HOWEVER, to win the war, I have to lose some battles! And I WILL win this war!

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