Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I honestly didn't do too badly over the past week. I was maybe one or two points over each day...but heck, that's what flex points are for! There was one day that I did actually go over on my points...but I had the flex points there! Oh why am I one of these people that can't use flex points or else I gain??? Oh use crying about something I can't change! I exercised 6 days. I worked in the garden for a couple hours at least twice. There is no reason that I should have gained. Yet, gain I did. I gained .6 pounds. Doesn't sound like much right? But, put that with the .8 pounds I gained last week....oops there's a pound! PLUS, it puts me over 200 again! That is the worst of it! Losing the onederland thing hurts the most!

My plan for this week. Number one, ABSOLUTELY no flex points used. NOT EVEN ONE! I'm eating straight daily points. Number two, measure out my foods! And number three, EXERCISE! I plan on exercising each morning again. I also want to try to get some exercise in in the evening also...somehow! (I will say though...that the last few months, I've been more active then I have in YEARS! I actually have the energy to move, to get up and do things!)

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