Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rough Time

I'm really bummed. It is taking all I have to not just throw in the towel and say 'to heck with it' for this week. The scales keep showing me going up. It's not I shouldn't be having a gain. My points have been relatively close...enough that I've only dipped into my flex points by a few. IT shouldn't be a gain. And it's disgusting me! I'm trying not to focus on it and just keep doing what I'm doing..I know that it will come off eventually.

However, it seems of late that I'm having a good loss...and then a maintain...and then a good loss week,..and then a maintain week. Occaisionally I'm throwing in a gain week...followed by a REALLY good loss (basically equals out to a maintain week and a regular loss week.) That's disgusting me also! I somehow have to break that cycle!

With my probable maintain/gain this week, I probably won't make onederland by Valentines day. It really sucks! I'm so close and just can't break that barrier! I've been up and down since Thanksgiving...and been within 10 pounds of it the whole time! It's killing me!!!!!

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