Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well, vacation/holiday has come and gone. We spent about 12 days visiting friends and family (away from home the whole time). I started the time with some rough eating experiences (eating too much) but exercised my heart out. I was pretty religious about exercising while I was away...but just ate way too much. I did chose some healthier options.....and only once felt stuffed. BUT, I know I didn't chose as wisely as I could have! The end result.......I gained .6 pounds. Not too shabby...especially since knowing that the 'ick' (TOM) is just departing!

Now to just make it through all the birthdays and Christmas!

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Carrots, Anyone? said...

hey! I don't know why i didn't think to see if you had a blog before! congrats on your big weight loss. it seems inevitable that a huge weight loss is followed by a gain of some sorts - it just wouldn't be healthy otherwise. it's your body adjusting which is a great thing because thar means your body is adjusting to being a lower weight because it plans on keeping that loss more or less permanent barring "bad weeks", keep up the great work!