Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Hot Seat!

I've been good lately. I haven't been hopping on my home scales all the time. I will admit that I did get on the gym scales yesterday though. BUT the only thing bad is that it means I have no utter idea what my weigh in will be. I don't know if I gained or lost.

Well.....after a week of eating so so. (So, so meaning that I made healthier choses than I originally would have...however I still ate too much and I could have done better.) I actually somehow posted a 1.6 pound loss!

Wooo hooO!

I'm tickled pink though because my new exercise stuff came in the mail today. I've set aside today as my 'off' day from exercise....and I've exercised the last 6 days...so I know I need it. Otherwise I'd be in the living room exercising!

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