Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wondering how my week has been!

Yes, I'm wondering if I've lost any weight. After my last weigh in, I'm just not sure. Ok, honestly, I sneaked on the scale on Thursday...and nothing. However, Thursday was only 1 1/2 days after my 'official' weigh in. I've stayed pretty much on plan. I've maybe gone a point or so over a day...but haven't touched my flex points (except for those loose one or two points at most....on maybe 2 we are talking like tops 5 points).

It was an extremely stressful day for me. My boss was upset at some things going on in our town and concerning her business and that made her quirky and irritated at everything and everyone. Can you say VERY stressed! I coulnd't wait to get out of there today! I came home and I just want to eat and eat and eat. I'm out of fact, today I've already gone over about 3 points (it's all ok, I have only used those 3-5 flex now I guess it's 8...)! ARRGGHHH So, I have to resist! (or find a no point theres a thought!) Yes, I'm a stress eater. I want to eat to make myself feel better. Eat to 'drown my sorrows'. I know this and really have to gaurd against it. Course, knowing isn't making it any easier!

I just know that I HAVE to do this for my health!

I am taking today off from exercise. I worked out pretty hard yesterday. I know that I have to give my body a break here and there. So I chose today to do that!

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