Wednesday, September 27, 2006


It's been a pretty good day. I was a little worried when I started the day. I woke up and felt like actually cooking a breakfast. (We usually do breakfasts on our own...and I usually do cereal). So making chipped beef gravy was not a good way to start the day. I plugged my recipe into the recipe builder to see where it would fall. I was actually wasn't too bad. (Of course I use skim milk, and a while back I had already started making it with a heck of a lot less butter anyway). So, we had breakfast and only spent 7 points total (Man, gotta love Weight Watchers/Natures Own bread lines...low fat/low calories/high fiber)! For lunch I ate healthy, mostly fruits and veggies and one lite string cheese. My mid-afternoon snack was my yogurt (fat free of course) and strawberries. I was trying to be oh so careful because Todd had asked me to prepare Chicken Enchiladas. OUCH....can we say nice rich comfort food??? Once again, quite a while ago I had switched to the low fat versions of whatever ingredients I could. I figured out that with the adjustments it would be 5 points per enchilada. I figured I would be happy with 2 enchiladas. (I was.) But, because I knew I would use 10 points just for that, I knew I had to be careful. I managed. I also made some No Pudge brownies. Yum...they are excellent! I would highly recommend them...we actually had the Raspberry Brownies! Yum yum! I cut the brownies into 6 instead of 12...and that made the point value 4 for each brownie. So...when all was said and done. I was only one point over. I'm happy with that...especially since I exercised and earned 4 APS!

I'm so close to my 10% goal! I am determined to make it at my next weigh in. In fact, I'm so determined that I want to not only lose the 1.6 pounds to make my 10%, I want to lose 2.6 to make my 25 pounds lost goal!

I've noticed that I've been apologizing to Todd lately for being so single mindedly focused on losing weight and exercising. He seems to be ok with it. However I do worry that I'm focused that other things will suffer. And my marriage is one thing that I am not willing to sacrifice!

I actually enjoy cooking at home.....why we eat out so much is actually a mystery to me. I know I do enjoy eating out sometimes...but the rate that we do's way too much. I'm really going to make a concerted effort to cook more at home. I know that if I stand firm and don't waver on eating at home, that TOdd will not mind. Oh yeah, there will be days where he just wants to get out (He works from home.....or technically we live at his but for the most part, I want to eat at home!

Oh one HUGE exciting thing that happened to me in conjunction with the wedding this past weekend. About a month or so ago, I went through my closet and cleared out everything that was super big on me. I at that time was a solid 20....with the 20's being loose but not yet into the 18's. Well, I got rid of all my 'fat' clothes (that's my term for the clothes that are on the way out because they are too big.) I was all tickled. It left me with 4 pairs of casual/dress pants. Lucky for me I only need jeans and tee shirts so I don't need to have dress clothes for work...and then casual clothes for everyday living stuff. Anyway, I knew I had that wedding to go to. So I was ok...afterall I had these dress pants in the closet. Saturday rolled around and I pulled them out of the closet and LUCKILY tried them on early to decide which to wear. Does the word CLOWN pants bring anything to mind? These pants were huge on me...they literally made my bottom half look like a big round ball (the hem rested on the floor and the legs ballooned out). I was in a panic!
I had nothing to wear for a wedding that was in 2 hours! Luckily I
remembered a plastic bin full of stored clothes from COLLEGE that I just
couldn't bear to part with...and found a pair of pants....unfortunately they
weren't too dressy. But at least I founds something other than blue jeans!

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Taunia said...

Wow - quite a day! You really are an inspiration. You did so well and were faced with some serious challenges! Fruits and veggies make all the difference, don't they? Carrots challenged me to eat more veggies, so I'm going to really try and do that this week. But OH, do I LOVE me some No Pudge Brownies!!!