Sunday, September 03, 2006

Feelin Guilty

Ok, I was so sore on Saturday morning. I could have worked out in the evening though because even though I was still a bit stiff, I wasn't overly sore. But you always hear about overdoing it and giving your muscles a break. SOOO I decided to forgo the exercise video yesterday. I felt slightly bad about not doing anything but knew that I had been sooo on target with my exercise that it would be ok. (I was also way on target with eating....a good combination if you need to take a day off...). Well, I had the best plans today to get to the gym. ANd when the gym idea was scrubbed, I had every intention on working out with the dvd. However, I had a bushel of pears to can. WE got home at around 4 and I am STILL working on the pears. TOdd did help me (bless him) with the peeling, which saved me a ton of time. I also used both canners on the stove to expedite matters. However that last batch is still in the canners almost ready to come out (thank goodness). It is 10:45 PM. THere is no way that I am up to jumping around and exercising right now. Standing in the kitchen for over 6 hours kinda takes any kind of umph out of you. Thus we reach my guilt. I haven't exercised for two days! The guilt is thick and palatable.

I've also got to get over this excited fear that I get every week about this time...waiting for the weigh in! Did I mention that it is Sunday and I don't get weighed in until Tuesday night? Wooooo...maybe I need some help....mental the little men all dressed in white...carrying a straight jacket. Haa haa haa. No seriously though, I do get this excited fear. I have been good with the scales....meaning I'm not a slave to the scales by hopping on all the time (ok even once a day and then obssessing). So I truely have no utter clue how I did this week. It will truely be a surprise! :-)

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