Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At least it's a loss!

Well....the weight loss for this week was .2 pounds. Yes, that wasn't POINT TWO pounds. I'm happy because at least it was a negative...I didn't gain. However, I worked my tail end off and only lost .2 pounds. COurse, I also had pizza and fat free frozen yogurt one night....oh yeah and the day before my weigh in had two wonderful buttery biscuits (one at Red Lobster and the other from Popeyes). The one from Popeyes I had a a carry in meal/picnic. ALl good and dandy..but I ate worse then I should have the night before a weigh in. HOwever, each of these days...and for the whole week, in fact, I stayed within my points allowance! I guess that may be a lesson in what the carb type foods do to me! :-) Mom thinks it is because I worked out so much that I gained muscle..which we all know weighs more. Whatever happened, I'm hoping for a nice weight loss this coming week! (yes, staying away from pizza and stuff like that)

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