Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well after my high intensity work out yesterday, coupled with all the walking that Todd and I did. FOLLOWED by making and canning applesauce until late last night, I slept like the dead and woke up tired and just worn out. I didn't even manage to get any exercise in. I made my breakfast, took a shower and here I sit. I did at least plan what we are having for dinner tonight. (Beef Stroganoff...7 points for the whole shebang). I haven't even packed my lunch for work yet...arrggghhhh. Lazy day!

I bought "The Biggest Loser" workout DVD yesterday. I thought it would be a neat one....especially since it doesn't need anything special (hand weights are optional...but I have them...and an exercise mat..which I have). What sparked this you may ask? Well, I am trying to shake up my workouts and try to stay out of getting in ruts (ie riding the exercise bike all the time...or hiking every day..etc etc etc). So I pulled out "The FIRM" Dvd's. I had them..never used them. I turned them on and low and need a Step. How did I miss that they use a step? Oh well. So yesterday I shopped...looking for a step. COME ON NOW! How hard can it be to find one? Well, apparently I didn't look in the right places. (I'm gonna eventually try Dicks Sporting Goods next time I am in Hagerstown...but we were in Martinsburg). So walking by the electronics section I thought it would be funny to see if they had "The Firm" dvds.....I mean to sell the DVD's but not the step...haa haa haa. I never got that far though. I saw "The Biggest Loser" dvd...which I've always been intrigued with, and bought it! I didn't have time last night...and I was too tired (having a hard time waking up this morning....remember) this morning. I'm planning on popping it in tonight and seeing how it goes!

Oh to work I go!

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