Thursday, February 16, 2006

Inches.....not pounds

Well, the last few weeks have been a struggle. I see my weight drop and then jump right back up. It seems as if I have lost the same few pounds over and over. I have looked back at my food logs and I have not cheated on the days that I saw a rise...or starved myself on the days that I saw a dip....I'm just flucuating 5 pounds different from day to day. I talked to my husband and he said that because we are so big, that our fluid retention will do that...and that when he lost 150 pounds a few years ago...until he dropped down he flucuated 5-10 pounds daily....arrggghh. He said that for him at about 210 down, the scales were more true for him. I plan on researching this tonight to see if he was feeding me a line!

On a good note....I actually measured has been about a month since I last did it. I have quite a few inches. If I actually add them all 7 inches. Woo hooo!

I'm really not to tempted to eat bad things. Which I find really cool.....I only wish that I could snap my fingers and have this done. I guess though that I am training my body how to proceed so that when I lose it I can maintain the loss!

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